When Disaster Strikes: Handling an Auto Insurance Claim Like a Man

Accident Header 560x187If you are like most guys, your car is your baby, and the thought of anything happening to it is the stuff of nightmares. Around 10 million accidents occur annually, though, so it’s likely to happen if you drive regularly. When you find yourself facing disaster, don’t panic. Your next step will be contacting your insurance company and filing a claim. If you have a good agent, they should be able to guide you through the process, but you should educate yourself and be prepared to see your claim through. These tips can help you successfully claim your policy’s benefits.

Document the Damage

Oops 560x280The first thing you should do is capture extensive documentation of the damage to your car and any affected property. Though it can be painful, you’ll need to take photos of your entire car, focusing on the area that has sustained damage. You should also photograph the scene surrounding your car, in case there is any additional damage. If you are injured, take pictures of areas that may be bruised or swollen. In addition to photos, make note of the damage and injuries you observe so that you have a written account of the incident, too.

Seek Medical Attention

Injury 560x280If you suspect at all that you have been injured by the incident, you should see a doctor to get an examination and, if applicable, diagnosis. Now is not the time to show off your masculine pain threshold. Waiting too long to report an injury will often result in your claim being denied. 

Even if you cover the cost of a doctor’s visit out-of-pocket, your auto insurance may be able to reimburse you. Seeking medical attention will ensure you do not suffer long-lasting consequences, and it will escalate the gravity of your claim. Document all of the dates and times of any treatment you receive.

Understand Your Coverage

Accident 2 560x280The specifics of your policy become important when you are filing a claim. You will need to know your deductible as well as your policy’s liability limits and exclusions. You need to know what is covered by your auto insurance in Washington DC and what isn’t before expecting a rental car or a huge payout.

Don’t set your expectations until you know what your policy actually covers. Your insurance agent will likely be able to help you understand what portion of your claim is provided for and what extras—like wage reimbursement or rentals—you might also be able to get. If you are involved in an accident with another driver, their insurance may cover part of your claim, too.

Partner With Your Provider

Nationwide 560x280You’ll be talking to your insurance agent a lot throughout your claim, so hopefully your personalities click. Your agent should be your ally as well as your greatest resource and counselor, so you should trust the advice they offer regarding your claim. Your insurance agent can help you gather supporting materials, document all relevant information, and file your claim correctly. If you have any questions or concerns, you should be able to reach out to them for answers, and a good agent should also keep you updated on any updates on the status of your case.

Filing an auto insurance claim can be a tedious and stressful situation, but if you want to get your baby back—your car, that is—it’s in your best interest to stay organized and on top of things. With the help of a qualified agent, you can resolve the issue and utilize your coverage. Keep these tips in mind to help the process go smoothly if you ever need to file a claim.