When LEGO Gets Serious

abu ghraib 560x780

We’ve seen just about everything made out of LEGO. The obvious, the franchise, the religious. This site, Legofesto, takes it to a whole new level. The creator uses these Danish building blocks to display world events, typically involving war zones and incidents that have incited international rage, such as the Abu Ghraib torture charges in Iraq (The LEGO Lynndie England looks better than the real one).

The Burma Monks

burma monks 560x374


darfur 560x3158a 560x374

G20 Protest

g20 protest 560x310

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 560x315tamil+12 560x374tamil+5 560x315



Iraq Murder/Rape Coverup

rape4 S

Israel vs. Hezbollah

israelification 6S

Here is one from the Israel-Lebanon war of 2006, when it was alleged that Israeli missiles hit Lebanese ambulances. Wikileaks documents state that Iran was arming Hezbollah with weapons using ambulances. So even sometimes Lego doesn’t tell the whole story. (larger version not available)

See more at Legofesto’s site.