Who Should be The New Boss on The Office?

When Steve Carell announced earlier this year that he would be leaving the lead role of Michael Scott on NBC’s smash The Office, many thought it was just a negotiating ploy to get a bigger raise. But, true to his word, Carell is indeed moving on to explore other ventures in film. This has led to the debate of who should NBC replace him with since the show has already been renewed for a eighth season. There are a lot of rumors flying around right now, so let’s take a look at all of them.

Will Ferrell – This would be a huge get if NBC could convince Ferrell to stay on full-time. He currently has a four episode guest spot as Scott’s replacement to end the seventh season and rumors persist that the studio is coming at him hard to stay on for next year. I would love this personally, but a guy who has made as much as $20 million per movie is unlikely to tie himself down to TV. But, fingers crossed.

will ferrell

Ricky Gervais – This just might be the best case scenario for fans of the original BBC series that the show was adapted from. It would be full-circle to have him step into the role that Michael Scott was based. However, rumors are that he doesn’t want to committ to anything with multiple other projects at work including his own animated series on HBO. This one may be a pipe dream.

ricky gervais

Will Arnett – I’ve never watched 30 Rock, but a lot of friends I have do and they all say that Arnett would be great here. Apparently he is still in the running but it’s unlikely he’ll land the gig due to him being scheduled to film a pilot for his own series on NBC this summer.

will arnett

Ray Romano, James Spader or Catherine Tate – All three have been confirmed for the season seven finale as “candidates” for the position Scott vacated. But with Romano already committed to TNT’s Men of a Certain Age we can count him out. So the latest rumor is that either Spader or Tate will be considerd. I’ve never watched Doctor Who (imagine that… a sci-fi dork like myself) so I know very little about Tate. Spader was great in a serious but comedic role on Boston Legal opposite William Shatner. He even won an Emmy for his work there. Many are calling him the front-runner.


Rainn Wilson – This one isn’t really a rumor as much as an endorsement. Dwight Schrute has been a loyal employee forever and he deserves a shot to run things. If Ferrell or Gervais aren’t given the job, I say let Wilson have a crack at the promotion and bring in Spader as the new Assistant to The Regional Manager.

rainn wilson

Regardless of who is chosen, I went back on my promise to quit watching the show if Carell left. The show has great supporting characters like Andy and Dwight that I couldn’t quit now if I tried. And I’ll definitely be watching the remainder of the season with Ferrell as hilarity surely will ensue.