Why LeBron James Will Never Best Michael Jordan

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Obviously, Scottie Pippen is too stupid to realize that he would have went down as the best second fiddle of all time had he just kept his mouth shut. But for some reason, the moron keeps talking whenever there is a microphone in his face.

When asked his opinion about LeBron James last week, Scottie decided to continue trying to make himself sound better by belittling the achievements of the greatest NBA player of all time, Michael Jordan. He said that LeBron James may be better than Michael Jordan already at this point in his career. Naturally, this caused a whirlwind of negative backlash to the man who rode Michael Jordan’s coattails to six NBA titles and even undeservingly being named one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players in 1996 over such greats as Dominique Wilkins, Joe Dumars and Alex English. Yet more and more, Pippen dogs Jordan’s achievements trying to make himself look like he had a bigger role in the 90’s Chicago dynasty. Bottom line is that the guy is an idiot and he should thank the maker every day that he got to play next to the greatest ever. But this column is supposed to be about LeBron.

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First off, not only is LeBron not better than Michael Jordan, but LeBron will never be better than Michael Jordan. I don’t care if he wins the next ten NBA titles, he still won’t be Michael. And the reasons are simple. No, it isn’t because Jordan played in a better market or sold more shoes or even that he was more marketable than LeBron. I’m not going to sit here and say “six rings” over and over again either. Because I believe that LeBron will win multiple championships starting with this year. No, the simplest reason I have that LeBron will never be quite like Mike is because he couldn’t do it by himself.

The apologists say it is time to get over “The Decision” and I agree. It was a complete and utter disgrace the way LeBron handled his exit from Cleveland and it was the highest form of douchebaggery. But that still isn’t my beef with this debate. But no matter how many titles LeBron pulls down before his inevitable retirement, he will always be known as the guy who took the easy way out.

“The Decision” may well be an afterthought by the time he calls it quits and walks off into the sunset. But the fact that he proved he couldn’t do it without Dwyane Wade will always be there. And no matter how much he, and his defenders, say it doesn’t bother him…I believe it always will. Would you have ever seen Michael say “To Hell with it! I can’t beat the Pistons so I’m going to team up with Magic and the Lakers or Larry and the Celtics to be able to win a title easier.” Hell no! Because Michael desired to beat those guys, not take the bitch way out. This is something that LeBron proved that he couldn’t do, nor was he strong-willed enough to try.

So the real “decision” was that of tainting his legacy. Because no matter how many you win in Miami, LeBron, your buddy Dwyane will always have one more ring…and he didn’t have to bitch out to win his.

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