Why TNA Will Defeat The WWE

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Does anyone remember when wrestling was fun? I don’t mean real wrestling, I am referring to professional wrestling. The WWE who, I might mention, weren’t tough enough to keep their old moniker of WWF from The World Wildlife Federation, has been getting lamer with each showing. How is it that a group of over-muscled men led by a diabolical madman like Vince McMahon let that happen?

I think the reason is that there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we are not privy to. After the Chris Benoit incident, the whole industry seems to be walking around on eggshells.

Except for TNA Wrestling.

I would like to present to you the top five reasons that TNA Wrestling will soon become the gold standard in professional wrestling.

Are you ready to rumble?????

Note: Each point will be followed by an exclamation point in honor of TNA IMPACT! Seemed like the decent thing to do.


The Ladies!

Led by the delectable Christy Hemme, the TNA girls seem more like real wrestlers and street fighters. RAW can keep their Divas. We want these kick ass ladies like Hemme, Tara and SoCal Val. These ladies are down and dirty and gritty as Hell.


The Roster!

Sure there are a lot of people on the list that you have never heard of, but how about The Dudley Boys who are now forced to call themselves Team 3D, probably because of some contractual dispute with the WWE.  Mick Foley, one of the more interesting guys to ever grace the mat is there. Ric Flair has returned for the umpteenth time along with Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle, Jimmy Hart, Sting and many, many more.


Eric Bischoff!

Remember when this guy would come on television and tell us the winners of Monday Night Raw before it aired? Remember when he came to the WWF and turned things on their head? He ran the WCW and actually managed to get a movie made about wrestling called Ready To Rumble. Has Vince McMahon ever pulled that off? No, and he probably never will. Bischoff knows how to play it and the WWE had better get worried real quick.


Florida Baby!

The WWE spends a lot of money bringing their superstars to your home town. They travel the country, hell the world, extensively and that has always been their selling point. TNA also hit the road, but they are smart enough to set most of their shows in a central location with a lot of new people filtering in and out every day. Most of their shows take place at Universal Studios in Florida to be exact. It’s pure genius to utilize the tourism industry and one of the most popular destinations in the United States to pack a solid crowd every night. This move alone is pure unadulterated genius on the part of TNA.


Monday Nights!

The infamous feud between WCW and WWE is legendary. TNA usually doesn’t go up against the juggernaut of RAW on Monday nights and with good reason. RAW dominates its time slot. They get more viewers than every network show combined. Now all of that will change on Monday, March 8th when TNA goes live on Monday nights. Also, to make sure they have your attention, they bring us the clash of the titans: Hulk Hogan returns to the ring with the maniacal Ric Flair!

This will be epic.

So, unless WWE makes some drastic changes to the way they run things it’s foreseeable that a world where Monday nights and wrestling in general will be consumed by TNA Wrestling.

It’s a beautiful thing.