Why to Rent a Car for Your Island Adventures

Atlantis 560x280If you’re soon heading off on an island vacation and have your heart set on an excursion full of adventures, it’s a good idea to think about renting a car instead of solely relying on public transit or taxis. By taking the car rental approach, you’ll enjoy the flexibility that lets you plan memorable and action-packed days away from home.

Bus Routes May Not Reach All Destinations

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Although you may think that it’s cheaper to try and get around and Island by bus, a bit of research will likely change your mind, especially when you realize that it’s not easy, or perhaps even possible, to get to the places you want to explore by boarding a public bus. In that case, you may spend more time than desired figuring out where you want to go when the alternative is as simple as jumping into your rented car and taking to the open road.

Also, if you discover that it’s not possible to get somewhere by bus, you may also determine that it’s too expensive to hire a taxi for your transportation needs. Then, you may miss out on some of the things you most wanted to see because transportation is too challenging. A rental car removes most of the obstacles you might otherwise encounter with other forms of getting around.

Car Rentals Can Handle All Your Gear

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Some of your vacation plans may involve bringing special gear. For example, the Island of Mallorca has plenty of rock climbing sites, and whether you’re an avid climber or want to try it for the first time, having a car to use during your travels means you can bring equipment that you’ve rented or that you own. But, carrying it if you’re hiking or on a bus could get unnecessarily complicated.

Set a Better Schedule When Renting a Car

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Experts say that one of the best ways to get the most out of your vacation is to stay sensible when planning your schedule. In other words, be as realistic as possible and don’t over-schedule when deciding what to do and when. But, being prepared to do the things that are important to you is also crucial. Part of that preparation means deciding how you’ll get to certain attractions.

One of the problems with using taxi services or public transit to travel is that you do not have complete independence with timing. The taxi company you choose may be busier than usual, meaning you have to wait longer than you’d like to get on your way. Or, the bus services you consider may not run very late in the day or operate seven days a week. Those realities could adversely impact your schedule.

If you opt to rent a car, you have more choices for what to do and at what time of the day. That means you can be as active or as laid back as you want during a given day.

Embrace Spontaneity With Gusto

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If you make a point of interacting with the locals during your time in Mallorca, you could get details on things to do and see that aren’t covered in most travel guides. Based on what you learn, you could discover that your decision to rent a car in Mallorca allows you to quickly change your plans according to what people recommend. That might not be possible without a car to use.

Brands such as ROIG specialize in helping travelers who need Mallorca rental cars, and you can select from a variety of vehicle types depending on your needs and the things you plan to do while on vacation. It’s possible to search for options online, too.

Travel More Freely in a Rental Car

As you can see from the information here, a rental car gives you the freedom that other forms of transportation don’t. It’s straightforward to rent a car before or during your island getaway.