Why Your Team Isn’t Winning the NBA Finals – Eastern Conference


There is always a little too much optimism floating around after the trade deadline, so let’s take everybody down a peg or two…


Miami Heat

The Heat didn’t do much of anything at the trade deadline, which was surprising considering their collection of big men’s age (Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Erick Dampier) and lack of talent (Joel Anthony). Beyond that, they still have no consistency at point guard. The Royal Sidekick still routinely comes up small in big spots and is a big reason Miami’s record against the Celtics and Bulls is 0-5. I would hate to see his reaction if his team falls behind in another seven-game series. Could we all witness him quitting on two different teams in two straight years?


Boston Celtics

Wasn’t it pretty apparent to everybody they lost in the Finals to the Lakers last year because of their lack of size? Didn’t mostly everybody agree they would have won that series if Kendrick Perkins didn’t get hurt? I guess that made the obvious move to trade away Perkins for Jeff Green, who doesn’t do one particular thing that well. Yet, I suppose any time you can rely on Shaq and Jermaine O’Neal to log major minutes down low in the playoffs, you have to do it…reminder it is 2011, not 2001.


Orlando Magic

They made their noise well before the trade deadline. Unfortunately, Gilbert Arenas is no longer “Hibachi” or “Agent Zero.” He is just a guy with bad knees who scores 8 points a game and doesn’t shoot at a high percentage. Hedo Turkoglu and Jason Richardson aren’t the answer either at this point in their respective careers. The Magic aren’t tough or consistent enough to get by the Celtics at full strength, even with Perkins now in the Western Conference.


Atlanta Hawks

I shouldn’t have to spend much time here. When you are banking on Kirk Hinrich to be the player who puts you over the top, it is like banking on Joe Johnson to be a franchise player who can get you past the second round…oops.


New York Knicks

They will be fun to watch, especially if you are taking the over. There isn’t enough defense, size, or depth to consider this team a title contender yet…even if they sign Jared Jefferies off his buyout.

RoseChicago Bulls

They are coming on strong and Derrick Rose is playing outside of his mind this year. Yet, they still could use a shooting guard, are always banged up, and are short on experience compared to the other teams on this list.