Wideboy 3D Printer from Makism 3D

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The market for 3D printing products and services in 2012 grew 28.6% to $2.204 billion. This is up from $1.714 billion in 2011, when it grew 29.4%.

Owning a 3D Printer used to seem like some crazy futuristic dream from a SciFi movie, but the technology is real, and becoming more accessible every day. A new company is entering the consumer fray, and offering a 3D Printer that is as easy as printing from a desktop inkjet printer. Makism 3D Corp is that company, and their flagship product is the Wideboy, which is designed and assembled in the UK.

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Makism 3D Printers are for both professionals and home users alike. Unlike other 3D printers they come ready to be used directly out of the box. No need to worry about hassling for hours trying to set up your printer! Wideboy printers are designed with elegant engineering and cutting edge technology that allows the printer to have a wider variety of 3D printing applications. You can now create high quality 3D copies for work, school, or personal life at home.

While the news media focuses on the growing possibility of producing 3D printed guns, we prefer to focus on more innocent uses of the technology. There is a growing list of industries employing 3D Printers and solving real problems, but for our personal home use, we’re excited about the prospect of creating custom toys and figurines. A chess set based on our favorite pop culture characters seems like a noble use of the Makism 3D Products.

The possibilities are endless. What would you create if you got your hands on a Wideboy? Let us know in the comments and start a conversation with your Facebook friends. We’d love to hear the creative ideas you have for this amazing technology.