Win 1800 Tequila’s ManCave

Mancave 560x147Been looking for a good excuse to reclaim the living room from the toys and sewing machine? Finally got sick of scrounging through your neighbor’s trash to find a couch?

1800 Black 750ml bottle shot clear 160x3001800® Select Silver Tequila is about to make your day. Enter for a chance to win $10,000 towards putting together the ultimate ManCave! You can deck out your spot with the sickest new home entertainment system, a game console of your choice, plenty of seating arrangements to keep you comfy and a supply of 1800® Silver Select Tequila within an arm’s reach – the Man Cave is sure to secure poker night at YOUR house, indefinitely. So, stand up to the powers that be and enter daily to for a chance to be the envy of all your buddies.

1800® Select Silver is a new kind of Tequila: 100 Proof (yeah baby!), double distilled and blended with a touch of aged tequila. If you are looking for a premium Tequila that can knock you on your ass, then this is your drink. In fact the amount of bottles that they show in the picture above is enough to get the entire Mexican army wasted. It comes packaged in a great glass bottle with a glass stopper that doubles as a shot glass. It’s got enough gravitas to impress any true Tequila fan. Although, no matter how much alcohol they put in that bottle, it doesn’t pack as much punch as Tila.

Tequila posters1 236x300 Tila Tequila 198x300