Wine Etiquette for Dinner Parties

Wine5 560x373Dinner parties are an opportunity for friends or family members to get together and enjoy one another’s company. For many parties, it is expected for guests to bring something to help out, such as an appetizer or dessert. A bottle of wine can also be brought as a hostess gift. However, there is etiquette you need to follow when bringing wine. Follow these tips so that you come across as a gracious guest and a wine connoisseur.

Do Not Expect the Host To Open the Wine

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Most hosts will probably open the wine for guests to enjoy, especially later in the night. However, you should not feel offended if the host does not touch the wine. You are giving the bottle as a gift. You are effectively saying “Thank you” to the host for putting on a wonderful party, and the host can treat the wine in whatever manner he or she sees fit. As much as you would like a taste of that wine, you should be ready for it to remain unopened.

Spend a Reasonable Amount on the Wine

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When at the store, you may wonder what kind of wine you should bring. You can find bargain prices on wine while some bottles are over $100. The amount you spend varies depending on what kind of party it is. If the host is putting on an extravagant meal, then you should probably spend a little more on the wine. However, if it is more of an informal get-together, then you can naturally spend less. A good rule of thumb is to spend between $10 and $30 on the wine.

Bring Over a Reasonable Amount of Wine

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Some people do not know if they should bring one or two bottles of wine. Again, this depends on what kind of party it is. If a lot of people are invited, then you may want to bring two just to make sure everyone who wants wine can drink it. Another option to consider is to bring a bottle of wine and something else. You can make a great impression if you supply the wine and a dessert of some kind. That way you have supplied the meal for later in the night.

Bring Over a Wine Anyone Can Enjoy

Wine3 560x373You may be an expert when it comes to wines. However, your hosts and the other guests may not have the same sophisticated palate. This is why you always want to bring a standard wine anyone can enjoy. You can ask the host if they prefer red or white. If the host prefers red, then you can bring over the best cabernet sauvignon you can get your hands on at an affordable price. If they prefer white, then a chardonnay is typically a safe bet.

Ask What the Host Will Provide for Food

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If you still cannot decide which wine is best, then you can ask the host what type of food will be served. Pairing the wine with the perfect meal can really take the party to the next level. For example, when the host has provided filet mignon, you want to pair it with a cabernet sauvignon. It really brings out the flavor. By complementing the meal, you should not be surprised if you have people coming up to you afterward asking where you got the wine.

Do Not Ask for the Wine Back at the End

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This is a major faux pas you never want to make at a dinner party. Regardless if there is only a little wine left or the host did not open the bottle, you should never take it with you when you leave. As mentioned early, the wine is a gift to the host. You are essentially taking back the gift, and the host will certainly not appreciate it. This is why it is a good idea to generally spend around $20 on the wine. It is not an incredibly expensive present, so you should not feel tempted to take it. 

As long as you follow these guidelines, you can make a great impression on the host. You can be confident you will be invited to the next dinner party. Make sure you thank the host at the end of the evening for hosting a wonderful party. You may get a “Thank you” in return for the wine.