Olympians : Built With Chocolate Milk


The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are swiftly approaching, which means we’re about to experience a bunch of advertising centered around the global sporting event. Some of the best we’ve seen comes from the folks at Chocolate Milk, who have produced a documentary series that follows USA Men’s Hockey’s Zach Parise and the Women’s Ski Jumping Team on their way to compete in Russia.

Refuel USA

In this trailer Parise and the Ski Jumpers talk about what it means to be able to compete internationally and what drives them to perform at their best:

The debut episode of the REFUEL USA series introduces the women and their personalities, while giving us an inside glimpse into the world of Ski Jumping athletes.

We visited the US Olympic Ski Jump training center in Park City back in 2012, but we must have missed the ladies hanging out in sports bras. Ski jumping has always been one of the most thrilling extreme sports, but this is the first year women have been allowed to participate alongside their male counterparts at the highest level. It looks like they’ll be ready.