Does the Wipeout Soundtrack Work with Everything?

wipeout hd screenshot

Wipeout (wipE’out”) was one of the Playstation’s finest games thanks in part to its supremely cool electronica soundtrack. Its sequels followed a similar suit, and I’m proud to admit that I own and listen to these songs on a regular basis. Recently I noticed a trend though, they go, with everything!

Seriously, purely at random a¬†Wipeout song started playing as I was watching YouTube videos and for some reason, they just fit. Don’t believe me, test that shit.

Watch this nutshot compilation with no sound and play the¬†Wipeout track over it. Tell me the two weren’t meant to go together harder than Chris Brown’s face and a taser.

But it got me thinking, what else do the songs go with? Bees dancing? Hell yeah.

Babies signing? You bet!

A marching band? Of course.

I looked at over a dozen videos with a random playlist and have yet to find one that doesn’t work. Internet, I’m issuing you a challenge, find a video/song combo that doesn’t work, because I’ll be honest, I couldn’t. Then again, maybe my judgement was clouded by the natural rhythm I have by virtue of being white, that’s a thing, right?