The Wonderful World of Westeros

disney princesses as game of thrones 560x277We’re likely to share nearly any artist’s interpretation of the Disney Princesses here at Gunaxin, but when that art mashes them with Game of Thrones, we’re doubly happy. Check out the Wonderful World of Westeros from Sam Tsui on Deviant Art. He matched up Disney Princesses with their Game of Thrones counterpart, and the results are pretty compelling…

This was a silly idea I had a little while back and so became a little pet project of mine – both the world of Disney Princesses and Game of Thrones have become so culturally pervasive, and feature such a diverse cast of ladies, it seemed crazy to me that this hadn’t yet been done!

Check out his entire collection in the gallery below, where we’re very happy to finally see some cleavage on Belle :