The Wonders of Wampa


Wampa is the big snowman dude in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back who attacks Luke on the planet Hoth and prepares to eat him. Then Luke breaks free and chops off Wampa’s arm with a light saber. That’s about all there is to Wampa, unless you believe everything you read on Wookieepedia. Also check out the ‘behind the scenes’ information on Wampa on And if you like Wampa, you also like Tauntauns, so check out Gunaxin’s “Fun With TaunTauns.”

First, let’s remind ourselves why we like Wampa so much.

This is what Wampa looks like when the guy inside him is out of the costume.
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wampa frontHere’s the toy we all fell in love with, the Kenner Empire Strikes Back Wampa.

Wampa Stuff – From Awesome to Suck

Luke Skywalker Ambush on Hoth Statue

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This is the ultimate Wampa statue, him right there in the action with Luke and the Tauntaun. However, this is very hard to get, so your best bet is eBay. It was originally $300, but save your money – it’ll cost a lot more now. It was also available in faux-bronze, which is even rarer.

Star Wars: Wampa Statue

Picture 110

This is a statue by Gentle Giant. Strange, I don’t recall this happening in the movie.

LEGO® Star WarsTM Hoth Wampa Set

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Lego rules, though the Wampa in this set looks lame. At least it comes with a skeleton man.

Unleashed Battle 4 Pack Luke, Wampa, and Leia

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Star Wars Galactic Heroes Stompin Wampa Playset

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I think this is for kids who are on LSD.

Star Wars – Wampa and Luke

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Obviously for little girl Star Wars fans, since boys don’t collect dolls.

Star Wars Battle Pack Hoth Patrol

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Newer versions of the original toys.

Power of the Force Beast Pack with Wampa and Luke

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More newer versions of the original toys.

Hoth Attack Wampa with Hoth Cave – Star Wars

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Even more newer versions of the original toys.

Rampaging Wampa

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A hard-to-come-by statue that few are pursuing.

Mighty Muggs 2009 Vinyl Figures Wave 1 Wampa

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A blow-up Wampa for your perverted pleasures.

Wampa Plush Buddies Figure

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A doll for those kids who like dolls of murderous monsters.

And of course, you’ll need to make yourself a pair of these (from

Perfect to go with your Tauntaun Sleeping Bag W

And finally, the Wampa Rug.