World Baseball Classic 2009 Preview – Predictions

world baseball classic 2006 championship gold medal 300x225It’s the final installment of our World Baseball Classic 2009 Preview, which means its prediction time. We profiled the best possible squads each nation can field. Granted, that won’t be the actual team that takes the field. Those rosters were released last Tuesday, and you can check them out over here. But games start in about twenty four hours and someone has to win. So its time to put your choice down in print and see how it all turns out. Feel free to join along in the comments section. We can look back and see if anyone looks smart.

To start us off, here are Bodog’s current Odds to Win the 2009 World Baseball Classic:

  • Dominican Republic – 11/5
  • United States of America -12/5
  • Japan – 4/1
  • Cuba – 7/1
  • Venezuela – 12/1
  • Korea – 16/1
  • Mexico – 18/1
  • Puerto Rico – 20/1
  • Canada – 40/1
  • Panama – 55/1
  • Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) – 65/1
  • Netherlands – 200/1
  • China – 200/1
  • Australia – 250/1
  • Italy – 250/1
  • South Africa – 300/1

dominican republic fan 300x184

Gold – Dominican Republic

I was all prepared to pick Venezuela to take the crown, but then Johan Santana and Carlos Zambrano pulled out. You can’t lose two pitchers of that caliber and not drop in appeal. So I’ll fall back and take the betting favorite. This after I knocked the team in the preview section. But I just love the offense that team possesses.

united states fan 300x216

Silver – United States

There’s no reason I can’t pick the U.S. to win it all. But there’s also the fact this team finished eighth last time. Baseball is just too unpredictable, and I suspect the U.S. falls short again.

venezuela fan 300x196

Bronze – Venezuela

I’ll drop my original favorites down to third without their two ace pitchers. I’d love to see this team make a nice run.

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