World Cup Coke Bottles

Coca Cola World Cup 560x316With the World Cup just two short weeks away, many brands are deep into their marketing push for the big event. Coca-Cola is just one of the companies doing something commemorative for the World Cup, but as one of the most recognizable and collectible brands in the world, they are definitely one of the most prominent. There is no shortage of special Coke bottles being produced, as the image above shows.

smcocacola togetherness logo 0 560x490The visual identity system for Coca-Cola’s Brazil World Cup campaign was a collaborative effort between São Paulo street artist Speto and Leeds design studio BGO. Check out the special cans in the image below :

Coke World Cup 560x313Coca-Cola has also launched a special series of bottles to celebrate the event. These collectible mini-bottles are decorated with special national colors, and are interactive so that fans around the world can connect over the “Copa del Mundo”.

1 15 14 CocaCOlaMiniBottles 2 560x272This new series of 18 mini-bottles was released in Brazil on January 15. The bottles are decorated in the flags of the 15 previous hosts of the world cup, plus the next 3 host nations (Brazil, Russia and Qatar).

World Cup Bottles 560x838

coca cola feeldesain 00 560x284