World of Warcraft Mountain Dew

mountain dew horde red 97x300mountain dew alliance blue 103x300Creating what will no doubt be a future inductee to out Tribute to Fallen Sodas, World Of Warcraft and Mountain Dew have finally teamed up for a pair of soft drink variants. The announcement for these new sodas actually came out a while back, however you can now find the new drinks in stores. The highly caffeinated soft drink is being released in two special WoW themed flavors: Alliance Blue (otherwise known as a wild fruit flavor) and Horde Red (basically a citrus cherry flavor). Early reports are that the duo are pretty tasty, although the Horde Red variant comes across a lot like the Halo Game Fuel version of the soda.

Yeah, this is probably little more than a different sticker on a rehashed bottle of soda. But if your account hasn’t been hacked and you’re still playing WoW, it’s a tasty beverage to have handy. And even if you’re not a World of Warcraft fan, you might want to check these out. I know I’m going to buy a case of these and save them to drink for when The Old Republic comes out. And I can identify at least one other fan of the drinks:
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