World’s Twenty Richest Soccer Clubs

Success in European soccer, or football if you prefer, seems to be largely about the money. In the same way that the New York Yankees can buy the best baseball players on the market, the top European clubs can go out an acquire the top talent available. It’s the biggest reasons the best squads tend to remain the same from season to season. According to the people over at the Deloitte Sports Business Group, these are the top twenty richest soccer clubs based on revenues from last season (all revenue listed in millions, either pound sterlings or euros as indicated). And this isn’t just a European ranking, it’s a world ranking. It just happens that the top 20 is entirely populated by European clubs. These rankings remains largely unchanged from the previous year, although Celtic, Valencia, and Werder Bremen have been replaced by Manchester City, Fenerbahçe, and Stuttgart.

Although it will never happen, I would love see these twenty compete in an All Money League. Here’s the countdown from twenty to number one:

manchester city 249x300

20. Manchester City (£82.3, €104.0)

fenerbahce sk 300x298

19. Fenerbahçe S.K. (£88.1, €111.3)

vfb stuttgart 279x300

18. VfB Stuttgart (£88.3, €111.5)

newcastle united fc 298x300

17. Newcastle United F.C. (£99.4, €125.6)

olympique de marseille 236x300

16. Olympique de Marseille (£100.4, €126.8)

hamburger sv 300x251

15. Hamburger SV (£101.3, €127.9)

tottenham hotspur fc 201x300

14. Tottenham Hotspur F.C. (£114.8, €145.0)

schalke 04

13. Schalke 04 (£117.5, €148.4)

olympique lyonnais 258x300

12. Olympique Lyonnais (£123.3, €155.7)

juventus fc 300x300

11. Juventus F.C. (£132.6, €167.5)

fc internazionale milano 2

10. F.C. Internazionale Milano (£136.9, €172.9)

as roma 242x300

9. A.S. Roma (£138.9, €175.4)

ac milan 231x300

8. A.C. Milan (£165.8, €209.5)

liverpool fc 231x300

7. Liverpool F.C. (£167.0, €210.9)

arsenal fc

6. Arsenal F.C. (£209.3, €264.4)

chelsea fc 300x300

5. Chelsea F.C. (£212.9, €268.9)

fc bayern munich

4. FC Bayern Munich (£233.8, €295.3)

fc barcelona

3. FC Barcelona (£244.4, €308.8)

manchester united fc

2. Manchester United F.C. (£257.1, €324.8)

real madrid 214x300

1. Real Madrid C.F. (£289.6, €365.8)