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For every hero that emerges victorious on the fields of battle, there is the losing villain staring back on the other side. A maniacal tyrant who uses his strengths and powers to attempt to outwit and outdo the heroes of history. Some are legendary in their prowess. While some simply fall flat. This week on the show, we discuss these particular villains. The ones that aren’t too bright. The ones that are not too intimidating. And the ones that are downright terrible. As an added bonus we bring in some big guns to add his own two cents. Stephen from Gorillamask.net joins us to go over some of the Worst Villains of All Time. Here are just a few examples:

inspector gadget dr claw

Nice bracelet, Pansy.

Dr. Claw – Inspector Gadget – When you’re the head of a gigantic criminal organization, you have to have some element of ferocity to you right? Enter Dr. Claw, the faceless leader of M.A.D. whose mere presence causes folks to tremble. Well that is unless you’re a cross-dressing dog, an 11 year old pigtailed girl with a laptop, and their hapless uncle – A cross between Don Adams and Gizmoduck. These three morons seem to foil the plans of the despot with a PhD at every turn. Dude… it’s called a gun. Stop feeding your fucking cat and shoot the idiot.

270px NuclearMan2

Let me just grab that for you ma'am

Nuclear Man – Superman IV – When you’re the evil spawn of a strand of Superman’s hair, you have a lot of things going for you. Limitless powers, flawless unmovable hairdo, and a brand new spandex outfit that would make the members of Cirque du Soleil squeal with French delight. Only catch – if the forecast calls for mostly cloudy, look forward to getting a little drowsy. Nuclear Man has the power of a thousand suns, but has the same weakness as a chrysanthemum.


Man my neighbors are weirdos

Rita Rupulsa – she has hordes of gibberish talking putties at her disposal. A slew of monster baddies that she can make grow to Gozilla like stature, yet time and time again, a bunch of rag tag teens with questionable martial art skills and a second rate Voltron at their disposal shoot down her plots to take over the world time and time again. Time to hang it up Rita. Why don’t you and Lord Zed finally settle down and make some terrifying inside out babies that will haunt my dreams forever.
These are just a few examples of the terrible Villains. For more, check out this week’s show

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