Yawn! Another Teacher-Student Lesbian Fling

Helen Goddard 215x300Oh, to be one of the arresting officers to walk in on this one. It features Helen Goddard, a 26-year-old London teacher, who cops found with a female student during a raid last month. And did I mentioned they also found a number of sex toys? Nice. Nicknamed “the jazz lady,” Goddard befriended the unnamed girl after class and soon saw their relationship escalate. Goddard was arrested on six charges of sexual activity with a minor after the raid and has since been suspended by the school.

It seems like these things happens all the time these days. Particularly since I read about them in Penthouse. No wait, I didn’t admit that. This one has a unique background, however. Goddard is a former child prodigy trumpeter who played at the opening ceremonies of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Sexy and talented! And the teenage girl remains in love with her and has vowed to continue their relationship when she is of age next year. I want to hear more about her triple-tonguing exercises. You can read more on the hotness over here.