Yoda’s Dagobah Home Gets ‘Queer Eye’ Makeover


Remember this? It’s Yoda’s Dagobah playset, by Kenner, which came out with Empire Strikes Back. I remember when my parents bought it for me. It was the greatest thing. You could make Luke and Vader fight with light sabers, you could make R2-D2 sink in quicksand, you could make Luke stand upside down, and a couple of trunks float in the air. And of course, you could take off the shelter and see inside, where Yoda lived.

Now, Sideshow Collectibles just introduced one geared toward those same people who had the Kenner toy when they were kids. It’s a $275 one. Check it out:

Yoda’s Hut – Dagobah

100026 press02 001 560x400

Oh. My. God. I mean, look at all the accessories! It’s got a dishes, a fabulous stove, cute little wooden seats and trays, and of course, long slivering snakes. Gunaxin readers, I declare: I have died and gone to Dagobah.

And check out the size of this hole, plenty big enough to squeeze Yoda through:

100026 press11 001 560x400

If you get this, then of course you also have to get the Yoda, which costs $70. It’s listed as being a 12-inch figure but it isn’t 12 inches (sigh, it NEVER is!) – it’s 5.5, but in proportion to Sideshow’s 12-inch figure line. In other words, Luke is 12 inches… in height. HEHEHEHE.

100025 press03 001 560x449

Sideshow also made a much more expensive statue of Luke carrying Yoda around. We should all be so lucky to be able to have a trainer like Yoda to carry around on our back.

Luke & Yoda – Dagobah Training Figure Set

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