YouTube “Stars” Movie?


Antoine Dodson, Boom Goes the Dynamite Guy, Numa Numa, Double Rainbow, Freakout Kid and of course, Leroy Jenkins. We know them from YouTube and each of them have become a relative “star” due to their respective videos.

Are they now set to appear in an actual feature-length film? It certainly appears that way.

Appropriately titled the “Chronicles of Rick Roll,” the film is the story of a newly created online couple that is separated when the girl vanishes into the world of the Internet, ala Alice in Wonderland. It’d probably make more sense if it was just the world of YouTube, but that’s a point for another time.

The trailer (below) treads on the thin line between awesome and idiotic. For one, it’s great to know the Boom Goes the Dynamite Guy didn’t end up hanging himself in his dorm after his nightmarish broadcast. Also, you really can’t get tired of yelling “Leeerrrrooooyyyyy Jenkkkkinnnssss.”

However, despite the notable, yet one-dimensional characters, can this film really sustain humor for longer than a few minutes?