Zibra Open It

open it 300x203For all those people like me with no patience when it comes to opening things, from DVD’s to any new electronic device that has zip ties, you can relax now. Zibra has the only tool you will need to open anything. Not only will this be a time saver, it is a teeth saver for me. I would open DVD cases with my teeth or try to open a beer and crack a tooth. Using the Open It, I can cut open the DVD wrappings and open a beer with ease. I like to call it the Swiss Army Knife for the 2000’s and here are a few reasons.

5 300x210

Even the hard plastic cases are a breeze with the Open It. I hated trying to open a case molded in hard plastic. For some reason scissors wouldn’t create a dent on the package, but opening a case is a snap. Plus in most cases, the hard plastic containers usually house some new electronic gadget that needs batteries and all I have to do is use the screwdriver part of Open It and I can open the battery part of my newly purchased gadget. The Open It comes with a Phillips and flat piece so you wont have to look through your toolbox for the right screwdriver.

3 300x199

This tool will come in handy in any season but especially the holiday season with wrapping gifts and putting together all the fun gadgets that you asked for on your list. So no longer will zip ties, plastic packaging, battery compartments, CD cases, or DVD’s cases will get in your way. Check out Zibra’s website for more info on this great tool or purchase it at Amazon.com. The retail price for the Open It is $14.99, but can be found for less.