Zombie Disney Princesses

Zombie Princesses 560x219Re-imagining Disney Princesses seems to be a favorite subject matter for many artists, and today we’re happy to present the latest : Zombie Disney Princesses! These delightful renditions of your daughter’s favorite characters are sexy and spooky at the same time. They’re also much better than this real life version, although it was pretty cool too :

Zombie Disney e1344712936436 560x302These new digital versions were created by a Thai artist on Deviant Art, under the name ClockTowerman, and we can’t wait to see which he adds next. They join many others that we’ve featured in the past :

frozen by clocktowerman dax9kvj 1 560x792

Zombie Elsa and Anna

zombie snow white 560x776

Zombie Snow White

zombie little mermaid 560x776

Zombie Little Mermaid

zombie cinderella 560x776

Zombie Cinderella

rapunzel by clocktowerman d6i812y 560x776

Zombie Rapunzel

the zombie belle white princess by clocktowerman d5btodg 560x776

Zombie Belle

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