Fifteen Great World Series Moments

ab curtain 560x232Alex Bregman sent the city of Houston into an uproar when he smashed a game-winning RBI single during Game 5 of the 2017 World Series last night. The hit gave the Houston Astros the victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers, 13-12, in 10 innings giving the Astros a 3-2 series lead as the teams pack up and head back for California for the final two games of the series.

A moment like that is memorable and can last lifetimes. No one is going to remember the bad decisions or the errant throws to first base during the game. All they are going to recall is that insane base hit that lifted an entire city from the ashes of falling behind 3-2 games and sent them into pure happiness.

For years, the World Series has given us moments like these. Whether it is a game-winning Home Run or a last pitch strikeout, the best moments in the history of the modern World Series is endless.

So we took on the tough task of finding the best of the best, the moments that are simply tough to consider anything but extraordinary and we have them listed out right here, for your enjoyment. As we look forward to Game 6, enjoy a list of the greatest World Series moments since 1960. Where will Bregman rank on this list, and will there be another moment from this World Series to top it?

15) 1991 GM7: Jack Morris Goes 10 Innings

  • World Series Champion (Series): Minnesota Twins (4-3)
  • Opponent: Atlanta Braves
  • Final Score: 1-0 (10 inn)
  • Winning Performance: Jack Morris came in to pitch Game 7 of the 1991 World Series making his third appearance of the series. He finished with 23 innings pitched, 2-0, 1.17 ERA, 15 K, and 9 BB. But it was the final performance that counts. He pitched in all 10 innings of the Game 7, shutting down the Atlanta Braves, forcing them to only manage 7 hits in the game. It was truly one of the most impressive pitching performances in World Series history.

14) 2001 GM4: Jeter is “Mr.November”

  • World Series Champion (Series): Arizona Diamondbacks (4-3)
  • Opponent: Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Final Score: 4-3 (10 inn)
  • Winning Performance: With the score tied, 3-3, the New York Yankees were down to their final out of the Bottom of the 10th inning when Derek Jeter put his personalized stamp on the postseason with a game-winning home run that would eventually earn him the nickname, “Mr.November”.

13) 1997 GM7: Renteria’s Game Winner

  • World Series Champion (Series): Florida Marlins (4-3)
  • Opponent: Cleveland Indians
  • Final Score: 3-2
  • Winning Performance: Long before Edgar Renteria became a lofty veteran, he was just a 20-year old kid tasked with the job of bringing home the game-winning run during the 1997 World Series. He crushed the ball down the middle and turned the Florida Marlins into a World Champion.

12) 1985 GM6: Don Denkinger Blows Call

  • World Series Champion (Series): Kansas City Royals (4-3)
  • Opponent: St.Louis Cardinals
  • Final Score: 2-1
  • Winning Performance: Don Denkinger is the only umpire on the list and it is for good reason. With the St.Louis Cardinals leading 1-0 in the 8th inning, already up 3-2 games in the series, Jorge Orta hit a slow roller to first that was an easy, and obvious, out. However, for some reason, Don called him safe and the Kansas City Royals won the game 2-1.

11) 1977 GM6: Reggie Jackson’s 3 HRs

  • World Series Champion (Series): New York Yankees (4-2)
  • Opponent: Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Final Score: 8-4
  • Winning Performance: Although this is about the great moments, it is also about the legendary performances that can lead to those moments. Reggie Jackson earned the name, “Mr.October” after his amazing performance in Game 6 in the 1977 World Series. He hit a record 3 consecutive Home Runs, in epic fashion.

10) 1984 GM5: Kirk Gibson, The Legend

  • World Series Champion (Series): Detroit Tigers (4-1)
  • Opponent: San Diego Padres
  • Final Score: 8-4
  • Winning Performance: With the Padres inching closer to the Tigers, Kirk Gibson stepped up in the 8th inning and delivered a 3-run blast to seal the series for the Detroit Tigers, sending the city into a frenzy.

9) 2001 GM7: Gonzalez Brings Home Title

  • World Series Champion (Series): Arizona Diamondbacks (3-2)
  • Opponent: New York Yankees
  • Final Score: 3-2
  • Winning Performance: Not often does a team get a shot at winning a World Series just by landing a base hit but during Game 7 of the 2001 World Series, that was exactly the case for the Arizona D’Backs. In the bottom of the 9th, with the game tied at 2, Luis Gonzalez took a 0-1 pitch to center field to bring in the game winning run.

8) 1996 GM4: Jim Leyritz ties it with a HR

  • World Series Champion (Series): New York Yankees (4-2)
  • Opponent: Atlanta Braves
  • Final Score: 8-6 (10 inn)
  • Winning Performance: Trailing 6-3, the New York Yankees were starting to panic in the Top of the 8th of Game 4. However, Jim Leyritz took advantage of a bad pitch and scored three runs, tying the game and giving the Yankees all they needed to eventually take the World Series back to the Bronx.

7) 2011 GM6: David Freese Takes Over

  • World Series Champion (Series): St.Louis Cardinals (4-3)
  • Opponent: Texas Rangers
  • Final Score: 10-9 (11 inn)
  • Winning Performance: With the World Series title within their grips, the Texas Rangers found a way to blow it following a game-tying two run triple in the Bottom of the 9th inning, with 2 outs. But he was not done yet. In the bottom of the 11th, with the game tied at 9-9, David Freese stepped up and crushed a home run for the miraculous come from behind victory, which eventually led to the Cardinals winning the entire series in Game 7.

6) 1991 GM6: Kirby Puckett Wins the Game

  • World Series Champion (Series): Minnesota Twins (4-3)
  • Opponent: Atlanta Braves
  • Final Score: 4-3 (11 inn)
  • Winning Performance: If you have not seen the Kirby Puckett game-winning home run to win Game 6 of the 1991 World Series, do so now. It is truly one of the most enjoyable moments in baseball history.

5) 1975 GM6: Carlton Fisk Wills a HR

  • World Series Champion (Series): Cincinnati Reds (4-3)
  • Opponent: Cincinnati Reds
  • Final Score: 7-6 (12 inn)
  • Winning Performance: If Carlton Fisk had trouble finding a parking spot or getting dinner reservations in Boston prior to Game 6’s amazing comeback win, he shouldn’t now. He practically willed the ball to go over the fence in fair territory and that moment remains one of the most memorable to date.

4) 1986 GM6: Bill Buckner’s Error

  • World Series Champion (Series): New York Mets (4-3)
  • Opponent: New York Mets
  • Final Score: 6-5 (10 inn)
  • Winning Performance: There is very little to say about Bill Buckner’s error at first base besides it has given the New York Mets a chance to claim a World Series title.

3) 1993 GM6: Joe Carter Wins the Series

  • World Series Champion (Series): Toronto Blue Jays (4-2)
  • Opponent: Philadelphia Phillies
  • Final Score: 8-6
  • Winning Performance: If Kirby Puckett’s game-winning home run was epic, than Joe Carter’s was the greatest ever in Toronto Blue Jays history.

2) 1988 GM1: Gibson’s Pinch-Hit Winner

  • World Series Champion (Series): Los Angeles Dodgers (4-1)
  • Opponent: Oakland A’s
  • Final Score: 5-4
  • Winning Performance: Kirk Gibson was hurt and only had one good leg to play on. That was all it took for him to crush a game-winning home run during the Bottom of the 9th inning. It has become Vin Scully’s most memorable call too.

1) 1960 GM7: Bill Mazeroski’s Walk-Off HR

  • World Series Champion (Series): Pittsburgh Pirates (4-3)
  • Opponent: New York Yankees
  • Final Score: 10-9
  • Winning Performance: This was more than a game. Bill Mazeroski helped lead the Pirates to the defeat of the powerful Yankees after crushing a line-drive over the left field wall, stunning all in disbelief, including the fans and the Yankee players who stood their on the field, in shock. It was the first ever World Series walk off home run. Watch the video for the chaos that ensues from the “shot heard round the world”.