Pimp My School Bus

School Bus Pimped 2 560x219

Kids all across the country are headed back to school this week, and many of them will be riding the dreaded big yellow school bus. Sure it can seem like fun at first, but day after day, a regular school bus can be a bit of a drag. Unless of course you’re riding in a fun bus, like the Magic School bus above.

School Bus Pimped 3 560x219

But what of other magical school buses? How about this jet propelled creation above? We bet that would make getting to school a bit more exciting for kids. Or even the fictional Big Rig School Bus in the photo below…

School Bus Pimped 4 560x219

It seems school districts are stuck in a rut with their school buses, and we propose shaking things up a bit. So below we’ve collected 40 of our favorite pimped out versions of the classic yellow school buses, created by people who think outside the big yellow box, and are definitely too cool for school :