What the Hell is a VILF?

Season three of True Blood kicks off June 13. I for one can’t wait to get my fang on. Anyway, the fellas over at HBO have unveiled some brand new marketing tools to help promote the new episodes. The latest is this very minimalist poster which was released to the public yesterday.

True Blood Season 3 Poster 560x829

Me likey. Obviously, VILF means Very Interesting Little Foot. Just kidding. It really means Voldemort Is Losing Face. Na, that’s not it. It’s “Vampire I’d Like to Fuck.” Well, that’s just naughty, now isn’t it?

The VILF poster is one of twelve set to be released in the coming months. Twelve seems a tad excessive, but then again, True Blood has never been fond of subtlety. That’s why it’s so damn fun to watch.