Don Chavez’s Favorite Things

holiday banner rev14Like Oprah, but cheaper, less lame, and far more racey; we are pleased to announce, “Don Chavez’s Favorite Things”. We’ll let Don do the explaining:

I don’t know what caused it, but I’ve been bit by some sort of holiday bug and I feel like giving back to my readers. So starting December 2nd, I will be giving away one prize per weekday until Friday December 19th. But wait, before you go rushing off to tell all of your friends, you haven’t heard the best part. You can enter as many times as you like, it’s free, and best of all one reader will win the grand prize gift package valued at over $1,000!

Free Shit, it’s the American Dream. Apparently he has over $1,600 worth of prizes lined up including a cornhole set, Liberator bedroom adventure gear, a bacon lover’s gift set, a box of sex toys for your chick, and an 84″ folding poker table just to name a few. Let’s see Oprah top a cornhole set and sex toys. Head on over to find out how to win. Thank us later.