Happy National Hot Dog Day!

Hot Dog Funny e1343066690135 560x327Apparently today is “National Hot Dog Day”, so we thought we’d celebrate by giving you a bit of an education about wieners. Since we know there are only two ways that kids learn these days, via Video and Infographics, we opted to go with the latter. Unless you really want to see a video of “How Hot Dogs are Made”.

We’ll start with the wide variety of hot dogs that you can buy in different regions:

Hot Dog Varieties 560x2520

How about some of the raw numbers on consumption?

070411 NEWS hot dog v 2048 e1343066498351 560x835

…and how about some preachy stuff about what is in your favorite links?

Whats in HotDog Infographic 560x1820

…and what shall we put on that Hot Dog?

Hot Dog Toppings Infographic 560x3287