Jesse Ventura Needs a Nap

Jesse Ventura:  Famed wrestler, governor, and pink boa enthusiast stormed off of the Opie and Anthony radio program this morning after Lil’ Jim Norton gave him a good ol’ fashioned tongue lashing.  Mr. Ventura, who played “White Lightning” in Major League II and actually ran the state of Minnesota for a while, was there promoting his new show “Conspiracy Theory” which will be airing on TruTV and will mostly discuss the uses of thermite paint throughout history. Jesse took his ball and went home after accusing Norton of “putting words in his mouth” and then stared longingly into his eyes as he left. In case you weren’t aware, Opie & Anthony are NSFW:

Afterward, Mr Ventura was on his way to Philadelphia to attempt to steal the Liberty Bell a second time after being thwarted the first time by Dana Carvey in “The Master of Disguise.”

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