Lessons Learned from the Films of 1985 (Masters of None)

Masters Of None

Now we all remember the advice we get from our mothers, fathers, and friends. Don’t sit too close to the TV, eat your vegetables, she is not in your league and don’t piss on the electric fence. All these sound great and they should not go in one ear and out the other. Still getting advice from our family and friends seem so boring. So why not look to actors…..they are the best role models right?

So we at Masters of None wanted to take a closer look at the films of 1985 and see the advice and lessons we can all take from a great year for movies. In case you don’t remember 1985 because you’re too young or you were too busy solving the Rubix cube, here is a list of some of the movies from 1985. Back to the Future, Out of Africa, The Color Purple, Fletch, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, The Breakfast Club, Rambo First Blood Part II, Rocky IV and Clue. That is to name a few, for more great movies try Netflix!

One of my lessons that I learned from 1985 was that if you ever needed an alias or you forgot your name just look at your underwear. It worked for Marty McFly when he went back in time and needed a name. His mother, at the time was in high school, asked if his name was Calvin because it was on his underwear.

Not into that piece of advice well how about this one? “If I can change, you can change….then we all can change!” This is not advice from a United Nations speaker but a boxer, Mr. Rocky Balboa. He just got done beating the crap out of a Russian and he felt the compassion of the Russian boxing fans when they started cheering “Rocky Rocky!” He thought it was not only his boxing ring but his own political soapbox!

Don’t like politics well how about alcohol? Here is a great lesson. Contrary to popular belief alcohol solves everything….well Tequila worked for Pee Wee Herman. Pee Wee just kicked over all the biker’s hogs and he was in deep doo-doo. Well with his last request he put on some platform shoes and played Tequila and BAM……..he is the man of the bar.

Well I can keep on giving you advice till the cows come home, but why not listen to the podcast and you decide what lesson you can use in your life.


Episode #4.21 – Lessons Learned from the Films of 1985

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