New Whiteout Trailer featuring Kate Beckinsale

If you like Kate Beckinsale and/or like Suspense/Thrillers, you might want to check out the new trailer for Whiteout. Currently slated for release by Warner Brothers on September 11, the film has been sitting on a shelf for a good while. That’s rarely a good sign, but director Dominic Sena has helmed at least a few entertaining movies (stuff like Kalifornia and Swordfish) in his day. Beckinsale plays U.S. Marshall Carrie Stetko in the film, a woman tracking a serial killer to Antarctica in the last few days of pure day before the entire sub-continent is plunged into darkness for the next season. If you think this sounds like 30 Days of Night, you’re right. And like the latter film, this one is based on a graphic novel, in every interpretation of the word graphic.

Here’s one of the film’s posters, and if you want more Beckinsale, just click over here.