Rollin’ With Bob Saget

Bob's message to all his loving fans.

Bob Saget’s currently on tour doing stand-up around the country, and I recently caught his show in Boston. If you only know him as Danny Tanner or via “America’s Most Annoying Home Videos”, and you completely missed his HBO special, you’re in for a shock.

Saget’s act opens with him commenting that he and John Stamos are gay or, rather, “Stamos was gay, I just kind of lay there.” And he proceeds to torch the childhood and innocence of pretty much everybody who ever loved “Full House” and be as funny as hell in the process. Saget hits on “Full House”, repeatedly: his story about a horse getting a massive erection and then crapping all over the Full House set isn’t to be missed, nor is his explanation of the torrid gay threesomes he, Stamos and Dave Coulier have, which explain those Alanis Morrissette songs.

But he also touches on the infamous Tourette’s Guy (“oh, he’s dead? Good, I hate that fucker”), his adoring fans (“You looked up to me growing up? Great, now you can look up to me while going down on me”), his religion, multiple threats to pull out his dick, and, surprisingly, a very polite call to an audience member’s mother when he caught said member in the front row, texting.

Saget’s a true professional and his act will make for the greatest time you ever had while your inner child dies crying. Tour dates can be found on <a href=””>Bob’s official website.</a>

(Video is NSFW)