The Situation Has A Rap

situation 560x420

Believe it or not, the annoying losers from MTV’s smash hit series Jersey Shore are still clinging to the last vestiges of their improbable, and ultimately sad, fame. None more so than Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. He’s the one with abs of steel and a burgeoning DJ/rap career. No, really.

Next week, you’ll be able to download his brand new club song on iTunes. I had no idea club music was still in vogue. Didn’t that noise peak in the late ’90s? Oh right, I forgot. The Jersey crowd is like ten years behind the rest of society. Must be why I saw a ton of “Project Mayhem” t-shirts when I visited Trenton last month.

You can wait for the tune to officially drop, or you can listen to a portion of it now and snicker with your friends while pretending to do work at your thankless cubical job.

[h/t Warming Glow]