Wild Turkey Spiced

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The good folks at Wild Turkey have recently introduced a new Bourbon that is sure to be a favorite :

If variety is the “spice” of life, then Spiced Rum drinkers have reason to rejoice. In a move designed to offer a more masculine choice to Spiced Rum, Wild Turkey® Bourbon has written a new chapter in its impressive history of innovation for drinkers looking to “man up” and make the bold leap into the wild world of whiskey. Forever changing the Bourbon category, the legendary brand introduces Wild Turkey Spiced™, the first-ever spiced Bourbon from the “Island of Kentucky.” Featuring world-famous Kentucky Straight Bourbon with exotic spice, Wild Turkey Spiced is the consummate choice for drinkers curious about Bourbon and looking to trade-up from Spiced Rum.

So how can you take advantage of this new taste this fall? How about a Spiced Julep? Make ours a double…

Spiced Julep