Frances Bean Cobain Is 18

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It felt like just yesterday when Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of rock legend Kurt Cobain and the crazy but musically gifted Courtney Love, came into this world. On August 18, 2010, Ms. Cobain turned 18, the arbitrary age the U.S. government picked that everyone knows as the day, “she’s legal!”


Frances is the Lisa Marie Presley of the Grunge Generation, the living link between us and our musical hero, Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, who committed suicide in Seattle in 1994.

Her mother’s antics have been well documented over the years, leading us to believe that Frances is doomed to be another troubled child of famous parents. You know, she’ll have a drug and alcohol problem, get arrested for something stupid like burglary, get married three times before the age of 30, and blow through her trust fund. What else would you expect from a child of rich druggies, one who killed himself and the other who makes a fool of herself on television?

While it’s still way too early to tell what will become of Frances Bean, some hints have been dropped recently that she’s not happy with her mother. According to reports, Frances posted this on Twitter about her mother: “I pitty your inability to love yourself. I hope you find your soul, wherever it may be. stop acting like a prepubescent feral cat.”

It’s also reported that Courtney is reaching out to her daughter on Twitter. While this has all the makings of a tabloid’s wet dream, it’s also the kind of mess that’s easier to ignore. No one is surprised that there are troubles between mom and daughter, but fans only want the best for Princess Frances and don’t want her to fall into the stereotypical troubles of the rich girl’s daughter, nor do they want to see the family on the outs with each other.

Best of luck in adulthood, Frances.