The Samuel Smith Gift Box

Samuel Smith 3-Beer Selection Box

Samuel Smith – The Old Brewery Tadcaster

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Information: Site – This “Beerlover’s Dream” features a Victorian pint (18.7 oz. or 550 ml) of each of three classic Samuel Smith ales: the Celebrated Oatmeal Stout, Nut Brown Ale, and Old Brewery Pale Ale. It also includes an authentic Samuel Smith pint glass, two “Rose of Yorkshire,” coasters, and a brochure listing and explaining the world’s classic brewing styles. It comes packed in a custom, die-cut box with metallic gold, and is available seasonally in the winter and into the spring.

I dropped in to our local World Market unsure of what I was looking for, really. The last time I was in there I noticed that their beer selection was a little lackluster. Sure, they had several ‘World Tour’ variety packs, but the contents were really nothing to write home about. They generally came poorly equipped with brews like Lion Stout, maybe a few English beers, likely a German selection… stuff easily located anywhere around here. Not that I’m saying any of these beers are bad, it’s just that they’re just common enough now to be regularly available. I figure if it’s supposed to be a ‘Worldly’ pack of beers, why not include a bunch of them that aren’t easily located at any party store in the area.  But this time I was slightly surprised.

I found not just a standard box of mixed beers, but a far more desired Gift Box from the master brewers at Samuel Smith. I had to check right then what this box contained and I was quite surprised. First off, it did only hold three beers, which was a bit disappointing… at first. And I couldn’t likely complain even about that. The beers are all 550 ml. bottles, so that in and of itself is nearly six beers. Beyond that was the price: $9.99. Very nice. But the real deal that sealed the sale for me was the kick ass pub glass included in the box presumably free. I’m sure it was since the beers themselves would add up to more than 10 bucks. Anyway, the beers are exactly as described in the info above and in the pic: Celebrated Oatmeal Stout, Nut Brown Ale, and Old Brewery Pale Ale. And even beyond all that, they tossed in two really nice coasters and a chart of all the available beers Samuel Smith brews. Awesome. So, lucky you, I will now do a quick review of all three included beers. Yum. Get you this box if you can. Very well worth it. I’ll need 4 more to make my free glass collection complete!

Old Brewery Pale Ale:   A nice golden brown with a hefty, cloudy, fully effervescing head; creamy, rich, and hanging out like a friend. Slightly malty nose with vanilla characteristics. Medium bodied, moderately hoppy, and fully rounded; surrounds the mouth with a pert nuttiness. Very nice and purely English.

Nut Brown Ale:  A ruddier brown for sure with a far less pronounced crown that disappears relatively quickly. The scents are a true nutty and buttery mix that plays into its slight but definitely there caramel undertones.  Coffee, malts, roasty, toasty… as close to a handful of nuts as you can get in beer form. Behind it all, you discover the playful yeasts and barley inherent to the brew.

Oatmeal Stout: Fortunately, I’ve already reviewed this wonderful beer, but why not read it again?

Rating: * * * * *
An amazing package with amazing beers from an amazing brewery. Outstanding.