Alan Rickman : The Metatron Has Died

dogma 560x251The trifecta is once again fulfilled. The trilogy of death begun with the passing of Lemmy, and then only days ago with the demise of The Thin White Duke, was completed today by Mr. Alan Rickman.

Perhaps best known for his portrayal of Hans Gruber in the classic ‘Die Hard’, Rickman went on to do many, many memorable film roles including Galaxy Quest, Alice in Wonderland, Sweeny Todd, and, of course, The Harry Potter saga. But it’s none of these, nor any parts of the rest of his enormous body of work I want to talk about, save one: DOGMA.

I am an insane Kevin Smith fan and when DOGMA came out and I saw Alan Rickman as Metatron, the literal ‘Voice of God’, I was sold. His rich, dulcet tones and snarky attitude toward humanity was spot on. The man was brilliant and played such a grumbling grump to Alanis Morissette’s hippy-like God figure. He displayed both devious acting chops as well as a Ken-doll physique (quite literally) and consumed every bit of scenery he was in. An excellent portrayal and a fantastic film. He will most definitely be missed, and as a send off, here are a few clips. Godspeed, Mr. Rickman.